Woods and materials – signature codes

Here is a list of the signature codes that we use, for example, on the labels in our instruments. Please note that earlier instruments used a different set of codes or single letters. In any case, all the woods and materials used are listed in the respective instrument passport, including the sources (if known). If in doubt, you can also look at the instrument descriptions given here at muttcrew.net.

One tag that you will find on almost every instrument is HSO, which stands for: hide glue, shellac and oil. The oil is generally boiled linseed oil, which we use on the fretboard and bridge, but can also include other oils such as walnut or sesame oil. (We also use baby oil for the french polish, but since it is spirited off afterwards it’s not really part of the finished instrument.) Occasionally, we have also used epoxy glue for the carbon fiber neck support rod and/or to attach the fretboard to the neck, and we did use epoxy on the Daphne because we were told that hide glue would not work on teak wood. Since then, however, we have experimented with teak + hide glue and found that they can indeed be used together.


Ald Alder
AldB Black Alder
AldR Red Alder
Ama Amarillo
Apl Apple tree
Box Boxwood
Brn Pear tree (Birne)
Bub Bubinga
Ccb Cocobolo
Cd Cedar
CdL Lebanon Cedar
CdR Red Cedar
CdS Spanish Cedar
Ch Cherry
ChB Black Cherry
ChE European Cherry
Ebn Ebony
Gnz Gonzalo Alves
Mah Mahogani
Mp (European) Maple
Ov Ovangkol
Pad (African) Padauk
PEs Palo Escrito
PFe Pau Ferro / Santos Palisander
Plm Plum tree
Pph Purpleheart
Rdw Redwood
Rdw-s Sinker Redwood
Rw Rosewood
RwA Amazonas Rosewood
RwI Indian Rosewood
RwM Madagascar Rosewood
Sap Sapele
Sip Sipo
Sp (European) Spruce
SpAd Adirondack (red) Spruce
SpEng Engelmann Spruce
SpStk Sitka  Spruce
Tk Teak
Wg Wenge
Wn Walnut
WnB Black Walnut
WnC Claro Walnut
WnE European Walnut