PPH (working name)

This is a new ukulele based on the Jenny form, but with a few differences:

  • The scale length has been increased to 450 mm. We are considering going down to baritone tuning (E-B-G-D). If that doesn’t sound right then we’ll go back up to Terz tuning (G-D-Bb-F).
  • The neck joint will be at the 14th fret.
  • With the increased scale length and the 14th fret connection, the bridge is positioned a little further up on the body, but not too far from the original sweet spot.

The package includes:

  • purpleheart back and sides,
  • German spruce top – this top piece is actually the bookmatch to the voyager top, likewise with beautiful silk and some nice bear claw,
  • maple neck with a “jazz guitar” style heel, inspired by Joanne and Pauline – the heel cap is multi-layered: purpleheart-maple-ovangkol,
  • ovangkol fretboard and headplate, fretboard with 20″ radius and maple fret markers – we also have a really beautiful piece of teak that we could use for the fretboard (and headplate) but I’m hesitant because it’s a really light golden color and I’m afraid it might just look grubby/grungy all the time – like an unroasted maple fretboard. Anyway, the ovangkol fretboard is cut and slotted, so we’re going to use it.
  • really nice “blackened” nickel tuners
  • teak binding, teak and purpleheart tail graft and headplate inlay
  • and a bridge made of ovankol or pupleheart or maybe a combination of the two.

  I   L O V E   P U R P L E